Konad Forever

You haven't seen much different Naildesigns yet, but you will realize that i love Konad Stamping!!
I've seen a few tutorials and came to the conclusion that i have to try it too!!

I'm easily excited about things but i always have this "I don't think it will work" thought on my mind.
Konad looked so easy on YouTube but maybe i'm just too stupid for it!?!?
Thank God I wasn't
It nearly worked from the first Nail did!!!

Now i want to show you my first Stamping ever
As you may can see, i hardly made any mistakes :) It really worked and i was super happy!!!!
In Austria, i had to pay around 6€ for the Konad Stamp & Scraper Set
(Can you see the Videos on my Notebook in the Background!? Yes i watched Jared Leto Videos ^^ )

I've bought this Plate (Konad-M63) 2 Weeks ago and it is my favorite so far!!!

At the moment i own 6 Konad Plates and 5 Essence but i'm pretty sure it wont stay hat way!!!



A Friend in need..

As much as i love doin my own nails...I love to do it for friends and family.
Once or Twice a month, i'm doing Barbaras Nails.
It's not that she invites me just for that... No it's some Quality Time together!
We are talking, laughing, watching Music-Videos and sometimes she cooks something very delicious for me :)

She's very feminin and loves girly colours like red or pink. If i don't want my nails to be eye-catching with stamping or different colors,  i'm just using dark tones like black, dark red or violet.
You see we are different but still best friends :)

For the Background I'd used AquaShine #035 by SHE. For the Net Design i used NailEffect 6 "Metallic Silver" by IQ on Konad-M79. The bow is made with  Konad "white" Special Nail Polish for Stamping on Essence unfortunately without any Plate Number.

I don't know how this design came into my mind. I'm pretty sure i haven't seen it before. At least i think so :)


Golden Glimmer like Golden Shimmer

After i came back from my beautiful Croatia Vacation i had to "restore" my nails.
They where such a mess as they started to splinter and break because of the salty water.

I had to wait until they grew healthy, without any breaks before i'd aloud myself to polish them again.
That's the reason why they are so short :(

I used Lotus Effect #65W by Manhattan with GoldStampingPolish by Wellean. Stamping Design Plate Konad-M63.
After 2 Days, i've applied some MattCoat by Essence.

It turned out to look better without the matt coat :( Next time i know better!!


The Right Polish...

I'm always buying cheap nail polish...
I've never gave a thought about the expensive ones like Chanel or YSL  because i don't want to spend 20 € for 5ml nail polish..

But everything changed the last time i was at my friends place...
She bought this yellow YSL polish for 22€ and i just thought she's insane... I have to admit now, that i've never saw one of the cheap polish dry sooo fast like this...
It needes less then 1 Minute and it was dry.. And with dry i mean that you can touch everything you want without having holes or fingerprints on the nail...

So next step... I went to my favorite Store called Müller where i bought nearly every polish i own.
I bought 3 Polish for 5, 9 and 16 € just to try them.

So here's Number One

Rimmel 6o Seconds "Bio Blue my Mind"
This colour appears to be blue, most of the time.
But as i drove my car today and the sun shined on my nails, it looked more violet like...

The colour needed a little more then 6o Seconds to dry but after 2 minutes it was touchdry :)
I have it on my nails now for 2 days and i cleaned my apartment and made the dishes...it's still beautiful and complete...



I don't want to "just" share my pictures with you...

I also want to share my inspirations...
This Blog owned by the amazing Diana van Nisselroy was one of the first Nail Blogs i discovered. In my opinion there are not polished Nails on her blog in fact they are tiny Artworks!!!


First Try

So let's finally start :)

Soo this are the first pictures i've made. I was soooo happy that it kind of looked good but now i don't think so anymore...

I used  Lotus Effect #45Q by Manhattan, Look Nail Art Liner Gold by Bipa, Tape and my lovely DottingPen.
Of course i added some BaseCoat and TopCoat!

So far my first Nail Art Try...



Dear NailPolish

Soo if you're wondering what kind of Blog this will be... don't ask me :D

I'm not sure yet..

The story behind this "Project" is just too simple...
I have plenty of freetime at the Moment and just thought about things i'd like to do..
I really don't know why, but i started to watch a few Nail Tutorials on Youtube. I tried to do my nails like i saw it and it kind of worked...
I just want to share my kind of Art...