Konad Forever

You haven't seen much different Naildesigns yet, but you will realize that i love Konad Stamping!!
I've seen a few tutorials and came to the conclusion that i have to try it too!!

I'm easily excited about things but i always have this "I don't think it will work" thought on my mind.
Konad looked so easy on YouTube but maybe i'm just too stupid for it!?!?
Thank God I wasn't
It nearly worked from the first Nail did!!!

Now i want to show you my first Stamping ever
As you may can see, i hardly made any mistakes :) It really worked and i was super happy!!!!
In Austria, i had to pay around 6€ for the Konad Stamp & Scraper Set
(Can you see the Videos on my Notebook in the Background!? Yes i watched Jared Leto Videos ^^ )

I've bought this Plate (Konad-M63) 2 Weeks ago and it is my favorite so far!!!

At the moment i own 6 Konad Plates and 5 Essence but i'm pretty sure it wont stay hat way!!!


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